Canadian Western Horse Association

The CWHA Facebook page will be the primary short notice communication for show changes due to weather and updated start times/schedules

Canadian Western Horse Association (CWHA) Show Circuit Rules and Regulations

AQHA and individual show committee rules are followed in addition to the following:

Purpose (Goals):

  • To provide a safe, family oriented and calm environment where competitors can exhibit proper horsemanship on good-minded healthy horses while promoting the horse industry to the public with good sportsmanship. We want to encourage others to get involved in our industry and share our appreciation of horses.
  • To motivate competitors to get out and show by rewarding them with prizes. 

Circuit Shows:

Please follow “CWHA-Cdn Western Horse Association” on Facebook for CWHA related info and to post club info. Here is where we would list 2024 approved shows and contact information.

June 8          Little R Farms                   Grunthal      Saskia Reutter      204-371-5242
July 12         Carman Country Fair        Carman        Laura Kehler 
July 20         Cloud 9 Ranch                  Steinbach     Tara Reimer         204-392-6308    
August 18    Hanover Fair                     Grunthal       Saskia Reutter     204-371-5242    

Circuit Membership Fees (Show Fee - NOT for Individual Competitors):


  • $350.00 annual fee/per show committee/club. Due by February 1st of the year.
  • It is recommended that each show committee send a representative to attend a maximum of four CWHA meetings held throughout the year. A $100 refund will be applied if a representative attends all the meetings.
  • It provides consistency, gives each club a voice and the opportunity to be part of the development of the circuit.

CWHA Classes (additional classes encouraged i.e., Senior Horse, Junior Horse etc.):


  • Halter Mares, Halter Geldings/Stallions
  • Yearling Lungeline
  • In hand Yearling Trail

Open or Junior/Senior

  • Showmanship
  • Ranch Rail Pleasure

Open OR Junior and Senior OR Junior/Senior and Walk Jog Youth/Senior

  • English Pleasure
  • English Equitation 
  • Trail 
  • Western Pleasure 
  • Western Horsemanship 
  • Barrel Racing
  • Pole Bending
  • Keyhole

Divisions: All ages are as of January 1st of the current year.

  • Lead Line – Any age (No cross entry with any other classes) 
  • Junior – 16 years and under
  • Senior – 17 years and older
  • Walk/Jog Youth – 13 years and under
  • Walk/Jog Senior - 14 years and older

Circuit Requirements for CWHA Classes:

  1. Shows must offer a minimum of 7 of the 11 CWHA recognized classes in the Junior/Senior divisions, minimum of 4 of 11 recognized classes in Walk/Jog Youth/Senior divisions. 
  2. Anyone who competes in a CWHA show automatically becomes part of the CWHA, there are no individual membership fees. Points are collected on the same horse/rider combinations. Use the same name (registered name) at each show and ensure correct spelling.
  3. All competitors must compete in their specified age categories to gather points toward the specified CWHA year-end age division. Can not compete in both Walk/Jog and Jr/Sr division in same show in the CWHA classes listed. If switching divisions throughout the show season, points from last division competed in will be tabulated and all other placings discarded. HOWEVER, if the show committee offers a non CWHA class, they can allow Junior/Senior competitors to show a different horse in Walk/Jog division at their discretion. 
  4. If classes are combined, when 3 or less entered in a class, then the judge must place all entries in the class so that the points can be tabulated correctly in each age division for CWHA High point awards. For example, the show offers Junior and Senior Trail but only 2 competitors entered in Junior. Combine the two classes and payout placings of combined divisions. For CWHA purposes only, place Seniors to 10th and Juniors to 2nd so points can be tallied for year end.
  5. Each class must be placed 1st - 10th to determine year-end high-point standings.
  6. Recommended order of go for safety in case horses being shared: Timed Events: W/J Yth-W/J SR-JR-SR  All other events: W/J SR-W/J Yth-SR-JR
  7. Any complaints regarding a show must be submitted, in writing, to the specific show committee of each show within 5 days of the show along with a non-refundable $50 to be considered. Individual show committee regulations concerning this matter take precedence over this CWHA regulation which just serves as a back up to ensure a policy is in effect.
  8. Harassment or abusive behavior towards any show committee members or volunteers will result in the possible removal of prize money, CWHA points and banning of attendance from the CWHA shows for the remainder of year.
  9. Any negative or disrespectful posts, comments or messages made on the CWHA Facebook page will result in the individual being immediately removed from the page and not allowed to join again.

Show committees please inform your judge of the following CWHA show requirements:

  1. A horse may only be exhibited/ridden once per class.
  2. Lead line contestants may not enter any other riding classes.
  3. Any contestant being assisted hands-on or where the horse is following a helper on the ground, inside the patterned area, will be placed below those who are not being assisted. The pattern area is the entire show arena for all rail classes. Pattern area for classes that have a specific start and end marker like showmanship, trail, speed events, etc. is beyond the start cone.
  4. Walk/Jog competitors are required to walk and jog/trot only. Loping is permitted in speed events since they are competing alone, which is deemed safer. 
  5. 2-year-old horses may not be shown under saddle before July 1st as per AQHA rule. Exceptions may be given for shows within five days of July 1st so make that request to CWHA if that is your situation.
  6. Junior horses are aged 5 and under as of January 1st of calendar year. Junior and Senior competitors must exhibit junior horses in legal snaffle or shank bit, senior horses in a legal shank bit. Exception is speed events where bit types do not matter and bitless are allowed. Walk/Jog competitors fall under AQHA Green Horse rules which allow any aged horse to be shown 2 hands on a legal snaffle bit or one handed on a legal shank bit, regardless of horse’s age.
  7. Competitors may not show the same horse in Western Pleasure and Ranch Rail Pleasure as each is a different type of mover. Ranch Riding is about moving with purpose and getting out of the horse’s way. It is highly recommended that Ranch competitors dress ranch style and use working tack with little to no silver, adding proper fitting breast collar and back cinch. Fake tails and bands/braids should be removed for this class to portray ranch style to the judge and spectators. 

Helmets: Correctly fitting riding helmets are mandatory for riders under 18 years of age while riding.

Show Results:

  1. Count all the competitors in the class including disqualifications. Scratches do not count. 
  2. It is important that competitors enter their horse under its registered name and not its barn name (the same name needs to be used throughout the whole season, otherwise you may find yourself collecting points on 2 different horses.) This is also important for the NAERIC program results as well. This is the responsibility of the exhibitor but should be enforced by the show committee. It may be helpful for the show committees to post a note about this at their entry station at each show.
  3. CWHA year end points ties will be broken by competitor with the greatest number of first placings then second placings and so on. 
  4. At the end of each show season, CWHA will recognize the champion and reserve in each class for each age division (Junior 16 & under, Senior 17 & over, Walk/Jog 13 & under, Walk/Jog 14 &over), in only those events that had 3 or more competitors in at least 60% of the CWHA sanctioned shows. For example, if 2 of 4 shows hold yearling in hand trail class, regardless of number of entries, there will be no year end award. Also, if 4 of 4 shows hold yearling lungeline class but there are less than 3 entries at any of the shows, there will be no year end award. It is still to be determined whether a special awards event will be held or if awards are handed out personally.
  5. Show Committees will post results online within 14 days after the show to allow competitors to cross reference for NAERIC Incentive applications. Show committees need to provide a copy of their show results via email to  within 21 days of the show.

NAERIC Incentive Program:
All CWHA shows must apply to be NAERIC sanctioned. Each show committee applies individually online at and must publish the results of the show online or in a printed publication. Show placings 1st-3rd for each class, including exhibitor and horse name as well as class #, name and how many contestants in that class.